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Sóller, the heart of the Serra

October 2018 | Места | Mallorca

The town grew up in a valley of the Serra de Tramuntana mountains and overlooks the sea via Port de Sóller, where one can enjoy beautiful sandy beaches and excellent gastronomy.
  • Sóller, the heart of the Serra
  • Sóller, the heart of the Serra

Sóller is a commercial town with ancient, cobbled streets, flanked by elegant mansions with Modernist brushstrokes. Modernism also impregnates the buildings that preside over the central Plaza de la Constitució: the church of Sant Bartomeu and the Banc de Sóller, both designed by the architect Joan Rubió. 

The town looks over the sea through Port de Sóller, a broad, sheltered natural harbour from where boats loaded with citrus fruit used to set off to France. Around it a tourist resort grew up, which maintains its seafaring flavour and enjoys the beaches of En Repic and Es Través, with all kinds of services. 

The municipality also contains the hamlet of Biniaraix, situated at the bottom of the cobbled path of Barranc de Biniaraix. A place frequented by hikers from the world over who contemplate plots of land where olive trees grow that are several hundred years old.

The Sóller train
One typical day  out in Mallorca is a visit to Sóller on its wooden train. It has been leaving from Palma every day since 1912 to take its passengers on the spectacular route that runs through the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, crossing their southernmost face, the Serra de Alfàbia. 

The journey lasts slightly over an hour, during which time the train goes through as many as thirteen tunnels and also provides some stunning views. There is one special journey, the tourist train, which stops at Pujol de’n Banya for ten minutes. From this amazing, natural viewing point there is a vista of the valley of Sóller and the Serra de Tramuntana. Once in Sóller, one should take the wooden tram that goes to its Port along a track amid orange and lemon trees. 

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