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Alcúdia. A stroll through history

September 2018 | Места | Mallorca

The old walls delimit the magnificent historic quarter of Alcudia. The ruins of the Roman town of Pollentia stand opposite them.
  • Alcúdia. A stroll through history
  • Alcúdia. A stroll through history

The town of Alcudia conserves its medieval walls in perfect condition. The first defensive ring was built in the 14th century, designed by King Jaume II, and the second was built three centuries later. Today, part of the old wall delimits the historic centre – livened up on Tuesdays and Sundays by an interesting market – and one can still see the old access gateways.

Opposite the walls are the ruins of Pollentia, which was Mallorca’s most splendorous Roman town during the 1st and 2nd century AD. By visiting the site one can imagine what everyday life was like in this ensemble of buildings after the Roman conquest, with spaces like the public square, remains of temples, workshops and a theatre. The Pollentia Monographic Museum conserves objects that were found during the excavations.

Nature Reserve
This wetland stretches out in the northern part of the municipality of Alcúdia, next to the bay of Pollença, and is now a protected area due to its singular scenery and because birds stop over here on their crossings between Africa and Europe. It includes more than 200 hectares cut through by channels, torrents and lagoons, beside which botanical species such as glasswort and tamarix grow, as well as one of the most remarkable tamarisk forests of Mallorca. One can walk or cycle through the reserve, and the best idea is to do so with binoculars, so as to contemplate the odd Eleonora’s falcon, or a seahawk as it hunts.


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