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Dining with a view of the sea

August 2017 | Тенденции | Гастрономия | Barcelona

Enjoy an experience few cities can offer: delicious food for a memorable meal at a table overlooking the sea.
  • Dining with a view of the sea
  • Dining with a view of the sea
  • Dining with a view of the sea

In Barcelona it doesn’t have to be summer for you to eat by the beach – many of the city’s best restaurants are on the seafront. For your dining enjoyment, they serve fresh fish from the market in La Barceloneta, a traditional fishermen’s quarter, where the day’s catch is sold each afternoon.

The culinary offering here is as extensive as it is delicious, from traditional seafood dishes like delectable “soupy rice” or fish medleys, to the most eclectic proposals of the new signature cuisine.

Both La Barceloneta and the Olympic Village area have a variety of establishments to choose from: beach lounges where you can hear the sound of the waves, luxury restaurants in high-rise buildings with panoramic views of the city, traditional taverns and fun little beach restaurants. There’s something for everyone. Just remember that fish tastes better when it’s fresh from the sea.