CA2M · Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo
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CA2M, the Dos de Mayo Art Centre, is a living institution that is focused on the art of today. It shelters the Contemporary Art Collection of the Region of Madrid, comprising almost 1,500 works of art of all types. CA2M also carries out an ambitious programme of exhibitions, mediation and research, seeking to position itself among the most advanced art centres of Europe. Located in the heart of the nearby town of Móstoles, CA2M is a newly built edifice that stands on an old traditional structure, La Casona. With 5,886 m2 of floor space, the centre features exhibition rooms distributed on three floors, an assembly hall for one hundred people, a library and a terrace for a wide range of outdoor activities. Four years after its opening, the Dos de Mayo Art Centre has taken its place as a leading cultural venue for many people from Mostoles and the Region of Madrid at large. Its close relationship with the public is one of the aspects for which CA2M is most noted, working on innovative mediation strategies to assure that art will carry out its function of intellectual stimulation in society and contemporary culture.

Avenida de la Constitución 23
91 276 02 21
Tue-Sun, 11am.-9pm.

40.32444763184, -3.86321640015

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