Beauty and mystery of Toledo
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Some cities are pictorial and others are literary. Few can be considered both, but that’s just what happens in Toledo. It’s often said that this is the “City of three cultures” –those of the Book: Moslem, Jewish and Christian, representing better than any other town the blend of spiritualities that gave rise to Spain’s unique civilization. Pictorially speaking, however, Toledo looks amazingly like it has sprung from a painting by El Greco. Indeed, Toledo is pictorial any way you look at it. It is when it’s seen from the nearby hills, with the Alcazar forming its apex above the bell towers, roofs and shadows, just as it is when it’s seen from the river Tagus, with the beautiful Alcántara bridge and the city suspended on high like in pictures of old, or from the Miradero viewpoint, with the plain of Castile in the background and Toledo’s quintessential sky with its strange inner light and El Greco’s ethereal mists. Aside from that, there’s so much to see in Toledo that it’s hard to know where to begin. It’s different for every visitor, with its town wall and gates (including the Sun Gate with its Mudejar features), ancient synagogues, museums, convents, churches and the majestic cathedral. Toledo is like something in a novel from Spain’s Golden Age or from the 19th century, as at Zocodover square with its terraces. Toledo, a stately town with something sacred to it, has a rich historical heritage full of mysteries from the past.

Toledo (Castilla La Mancha)
925 254 030

39.862707, -4.027238

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