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The other face of the city

June 2019 | Trends | Night | Barcelona

When the sun goes down and city lights up with its streetlamps and the fronts of its bars, restaurants and night spots, Barcelona offers another type of entertainment.
  • Bar & Coctelarium Hotel Arts Barcelona | © Hotel Arts Barcelona
  • Eclipse Hotel W Barcelona | © Eclipse Hotel W Barcelona
  • Cocktail in Marina Restaurant. Hotel Arts Barcelona | © Hotel Arts Barcelona
  • Carpe Diem | © Carpe Diem
  • Shôko Barcelona | © Shôko Barcelona
  • Shôko Barcelona | © Shôko Barcelona

Barcelona’s appearance changes when night falls. The city changes its skin, making way for fun and entertainment in all their facets in the liveliest part of town, La Barceloneta, a fantastic area overlooking the sea, right beside the Olympic Harbour. This district has been one of the city’s tourist icons ever since the time of Barcelona’s wide-ranging urban transformation for the 1992 Summer Olympics.

Under the towering gaze of the Torre Mapfre and the adjacent skyscraper housing the Hotel Arts on one side and the Hotel W Barcelona on the other, La Barceloneta is full of restaurants and night spots, creating a uniquely entertaining atmosphere. Beside Frank Gehry’s monumental Fish sculpture stands one of the city’s most original spots, Icebarcelona. This is an ice bar where visitors can enjoy a cocktail at -5ºC amidst genuine works of art sculpted from enormous blocks of ice. And don’t worry... there are gloves and overcoats for everyone!

At the other end, at the foot of the Hotel W opposite the sea, lies the Mamarosa Beach Club restaurant where a delectable fusion of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine can be enjoyed. What’s more, the cocktails and the live music turn any visit into an unforgettable experience. But if after you’ve dined and had a drink, you feel like doing some dancing, in La Barceloneta you’ll find places featuring all kinds of musical styles.

Shôko Barcelona has everything it takes to spend a memorable night. Located right across from the sea, all its interior areas and its terrace have views of the Mediterranean. Its restaurant features a delectable combination of Asian and Mediterranean cooking for a perfect meal before going out for a cocktail on the terrace, which is climatized all year round to ensure a delightful atmosphere. And from 12 midnight, Shôko undergoes a transformation, setting the stage for one of Barcelona’s best night scenes. Open until 6 a.m., at this club visitors can dance to the rhythm of the various musical styles played by the best international DJs. The nights at Shôko are characterized by their originality and the theme parties that are held there. It also features a VIP lounge area where you can enjoy an exclusive experience in addition to a chill-out by the sea with VIP service all night long.

Close by lies Carpe Diem Lounge Club, a place combining the gastronomic experience of an Asian, Arabic and Hindu fusion graced by Mediterranean touches, with the most exclusive night ambience. There’s nothing better than the enjoyment of a good drink in a splendid place like its beautiful terrace washed by the sea, or while relaxing on the Balinese beds in a very select setting.