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The next creative wave

November 2017 | Trends | Shopping | Barcelona

Barcelona has always stood in the vanguard and its emerging designers are even farther ahead. New fabrics, transgression and daring shapes are essential traits of the new generations who are already leaving their mark.
  • 080 Barcelona Fashion | Xavi Grados
  • 080 Barcelona Fashion. Rita Row | © Estrop Barcelona
  • 080 Barcelona Fashion. Eline van Ree | © Estrop Barcelona

Take note of their names because they’re the new wave of talent in Spanish and European design. Barcelona has long boasted of being the European design capital but its new figures are going one step further, showing that the fashion of the future is already here.

Eline van Ree is an emerging creator from Belgium who had formed her identity as a designer in Barcelona. She mixes her Belgian roots with the Mediterranean lifestyle. After studying design in Antwerp, she came to the Catalan capital in 2015. Living with one foot in her home country and the other in Spain, Eline designs for a multitasking woman whom wants to feel pretty, comfortable and in harmony with the hectic life of the city. All her pieces are produced in Spain in small ateliers and the prints are done in a little art studio.

A label with a lady’s name, Rita Row, began its activity in 2013 and is now going strong. Behind this brand stand the designers Inma Serra and Xènia Semis, who presented a nostalgic timeless air on the runways of the 080 Barcelona show where they recently debuted. Oversize pieces in which femininity and comfort set the keynote are a hallmark of this label, which is based on the Costa Brava and addresses itself to the woman of today.

Pau Esteve’s debut at 080 Barcelona Fashion has highlighted the exceptional talent of this young creator. Accustomed to buying fabrics at low prices, he came to acquire acknowledged status as a stylist and designer of television wardrobes. His premiere collection presents garments without sizes in which elastic bands and buttons allow their adaptation to women from size 38 to 40. To this mix of sizes is added a mix of genders since these pieces are suitable for both men and women. What’s more, black predominates in his creations, combining with other colours.

Another emerging designer to keep an eye on is Xavi Grados. Although he started out designing for men, he finally chose to devote himself to women’s fashion, adding a softened masculine touch. He has a unique expertise with volumes, using them to evoke a dramatic effect or to produce a light-hearted impression. His garments carry a message in every stitch.


Barcelona: world capital of bridal fashion
Our city can also boast of being the epicentre of bridal fashion in Spain and the world at large. Big firms like Rosa Clará and Pronovias enjoy immense international prestige but there are other Barcelona-based labels that have made a name for themselves as well. Each year the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week takes place in the city, drawing top-notch specialist designers and buyers from around the world.