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Santa Eulalia. An updated vision of enduring values

June 2012 | Trends | Fashion | Barcelona

Run by the fourth generation of the family, this emblematic Barcelona shop combines the latest trends in international fashion with a lasting tradition of quality.
2013 will be a year of celebrations for Santa Eulalia, marking its 170th anniversary. In these almost two hundred years of history, Santa Eulalia has always brought the most exquisite fashion to Barcelona. It is now the city’s oldest textile establishment and it upholds its essential values as an integral part of its brand.
Founded in 1843, it has offered haute couture since 1926, sharing its name with the great masters of the times. But don’t be misled: Santa Eulalia is marked by its innovative spirit.
Following an impressive reform of its premises, designed by the acclaimed architect William Sofield, today the shop is a style and trend space inviting you to discover the best selection of international fashion. On  its over 2,000 m2, Santa Eulalia has areas for its men’s and women’s collections, a pop-up store, a café and a terrace.
The pop-up store, for short-term retailing, is a space for collaborations with celebrated international firms and emerging designers. Santa Eulalia’s most representative feature, however, is its tailor’s shop, which offers one of the most prestigious crafted tailoring services in Spain.
Pop-up store and tailor’s shop, a duality reflecting Santa Eulalia’s identity. The ephemeral and the lasting... an updated vision of its enduring values.