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Mercat Princesa: Showcooking in El Born

April 2014 | Trends | Gastronomy | Barcelona

In a medieval building in El Born quarter, 16 establishments feature culinary proposals ranging from Mediterranean market cuisine, Iberian charcuterie and Italian cooking to delicious Asian food.
  • Mercat Princesa: Showcooking  in El Born
  • Mercat Princesa: Showcooking in El Born
  • Mercat Princesa: Showcooking in El Born

The centrally located Mercat Princesa is a prestigious new jewel in Barcelona’s world-famous gourmet scene. Th e eating establishments here off er a wide variety of food styles to suit every taste. All the products that go into their cuisine are of the very highest quality to assure you of an unforgettable culinary experience in a unique setting: a 14th-century stone-walled building where skylights create a warm luminous ambience.

A wide choice
The select off ering of the 16 eating establishments goes from acclaimed Mediterranean and Asian cuisine to egg dishes, Iberian charcuterie, cheeses, cakes, smoked products and more. Excellent beverages are available as well, including still and sparkling wines, beer, soft drinks, coffee, etc. In the evening, you can also enjoy a long list of delectable expertly-mixed cocktails.

A new feature here is the exclusive private dining room for à la carte service (advance booking required).

Also marked by its dynamic cultural spirit, Mercat Princesa hosts very interesting contemporary photojournalism shows on its medieval walls. The ongoing exhibition, Fotocrónica, comprises a constantly changing series of thematic photo reports or chronicles reflecting the personal vision of each photographer. Displays run for 35 days.

16 proposals
1. Sweet & salty
2. Pickles & preserves
3. Beers & coff ees
4. Wines & cocktails
5. Grill
6. Mekong by Indochine
7. Rice dishes & paellas
8. Italian
9. Potatoes
10. Japan
11. Fried foods
12. Pincho snacks
13. Sampler dishes
14. Egg dishes
15. Iberian charcuterie & cheeses
16. Oysters