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Flash Flash & Il Giardinetto

July 2012 | Trends | Gastronomy | Barcelona

Two history-packed restaurants, emblematic of Barcelona for their striking design, absolute modernity, gourmet cuisine and perfectionist spirit.

In the 1960s, two close friends, the architect Alfonso Milá and the advertising photographer Leopoldo Pomés, together with their respective wives, had a goal: to set up a restaurant where people could eat well and where everything would be conceived to please them without distinction. It was just as simple and ambitious as that. They needed an idea to get things started, however, and one day it occurred to Pomés, an omelette connoisseur, that they could open “a restaurant where a broad choice of omelettes would form the main theme”. 

That’s how Flash Flash came to be, with its white décor and pictures of a cute girl photographer on the walls – seeming to photograph the diners. 
A few years later they opened Il Giardinetto, a restaurant specialized in Italian haute cuisine. Decorated as a garden, the premises won the FAD interior design prize in 1974. Here the tables  are arranged beneath a canopy of trees, which spread their leaves and branches across the ceiling and walls. In short, two restaurants that are hard to forget, for both their beautiful design and their delectable food.

Flash Flash: Chic omelettes

With over 50 different types to choose from, the omelette is the star of the show - you can even order sweet ones for dessert. But Flash Flash has a lot more to offer: delicious salads, daily specials, and hamburgers that are famous far and near. In fact, at the end of the 70s, Paul Newman said that this was where he had eaten the best hamburger in his life.

Il Giardinetto: Dinner in a forest

A romantic place with soft piano music for an exquisite evening “under the trees”, or a just a great spot for a cocktail with friends as an appetite-opener for a fabulously wonderful Italian gourmet dinner. The house-made pasta here is simply divine. Il Giardinetto offers a clean cuisine with nothing to hide. Fresh colourful food, delightfully cooked.