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Sóller, the orange is the star

August 2017 | Места | Mallorca

For decades, the best oranges in the world have been grown in Sóller, the main ingredient of juices, ice creams and gastronomy delicacies.
  • Sóller, the orange is the star
  • Sóller, Mallorca
  • The Sóller train

Documents exist recording the cultivation of citrus fruits in the district ever since the 14th century, but it was in the 19th century that the activity became the driving force behind the local economy. Oranges led to the creation of a commercial fleet of ships in the port of Sóller for transporting the product, as well as a distribution and sale network on the Iberian Peninsula and in Southern Europe.

Today, producers, restorers and the local authorities have joined forces to recover the profitability of oranges, which have now become the icon of Fornalutx and Sóller. And every year the Orange Fair is held, where one can taste the imaginative, delicious dishes prepared by local cooks using citrus fruits as their main ingredient. Also, trips are available all year round combining visits to restaurants and producers with walks beside orange groves in Sóller and Fornalutx – magical walks indeed when the trees are in flower and the whole valley smells of orange blossom.

The Sóller train
One typical day out in Mallorca is a visit to Sóller on its wooden train. It has been leaving from Palma every day since 1912 to take its passengers on the spectacular route that runs through the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, crossing their southernmost face, the Serra de Alfàbia.

The journey lasts slightly over an hour, during which time the train goes through as many as thirteen tunnels and also provides some stunning views. There is one special journey, the tourist train, which stops at Pujol de’n Banya for ten minutes. From this amazing, natural viewing point there is a vista of the valley of Sóller and the Serra de Tramuntana. Once in Sóller, one should take the wooden tram that goes to its Port along a track amid orange and lemon trees.