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Inca, traditional flavour

March 2019 | Места | Mallorca

Inca, the capital of the Raiguer district, is famous for the tradition of its leather artisans, its numerous shops and the restaurants serving the best local cuisine.
  • Inca, traditional flavour
  • Inca, traditional flavour
  • Inca, traditional flavour
  • Inca, traditional flavour

Inca —the capital of the Raiguer region— exuding an enterprising air of commerce. There’s a reason why outlets and stores have been opened here by shoe brands like Camper, Lottusse and Barrats, among others. The pedestrianized streets in the centre are flanked by small shops with exclusive clothes, accessories, books or mallorcan delicacies such as wines, fruit and preserves. An excellent destination for a day’s shopping, making a stop at one of Inca’s bakeries and cake shops, where sweet specialities like ensaimadas and robiols – pastyshaped pastries filled with jam or curd cheese– are made, as well as savoury treats like meat panades or vegetable cocarrois.

As well as all this, every Thursday Inca holds a huge open-air weekly market, with hundreds of stalls selling all kinds of products, offering displays of crafts such as baskets and other objects made from plaited fan palm leaves, ceramics and indigenous foodstuffs like sobrasada, honey, oil, olives and other delicacies from the island.

The Shoe Museum
This singular museum  shows Inca’s relationship with the footwear industry through a selection of machinery and instruments typical of the local leather industry. It reflects the importance of footwear as a dress complement, an artistic object and a decisive fashion and design item. Footwear as an activity began to gain prominence in Inca in the 14th century, when the town already had numerous artisans; three centuries later, they formed their own guild, independent of that of Palma. In the 19th century, the activity grew thanks to the industrialisation process and the advent of the train. Today, several family-run companies maintain the status of their products as internationally-prestigious beacons.

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