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Deià, artists paradise

July 2016 | Места | Mallorca

Deià is a small mountain village amid rugged terrain, its precipitous slopes range from sea level at the Cala de Deià to the summit of Puig des Teiix, its highest point at 1,062 m.
  • Cala Deia. ©Tolo Balaguer
  • Llucalcari. Deia ©Tolo Balaguer

For years, its charm has attracted artists from all over the world, who have settled here. The captivating hamlet of Llucalcari and characteristic mansions, such as Son Marroig, with Sa Foradada, and Ca l’Abat, complete this “crib scene village” as Josep Pla called it. The main street, along which runs the main road, is Deià’s main axis.

The basin of the Es Moli spring and the Museo Arqueológico de Deià are in the Es Clot area which has a number of cobbled and stepped streets. The Stations of the Cross up the streets of Es Puig are of great interest; they consist of little chapels with ceramic tiles showing scenes of the corresponding station set in stone from Santanyi. The parish church of Sant Joan Baptista tops Deià’s acropolis on the peak of the Puig; it has a remarkable bell tower that was also used as a defence tower. The cemetery is high up near the church. Simple tombs contain the remains of well known figures of the arts such as the writer Robert Graves.