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Rosa Esteva. Taking on the champs

July 2015 | Тенденции | Гастрономия | Barcelona

Rosa Esteva’s exciting 5-star hotel project, the exclusive Hotel Omm, has become a meeting place in the heart of Barcelona for people from far and near.
Rosa Esteva at the Omm Hotel
Roca Moo restaurant

“Obsessed with seeing that people feel at ease and look forward to returning”, for over 25 years Rosa Esteva had stood at the head of the Tragaluz Group, which she founded together with her son, breaking moulds in the hospitality sector with establishments in the most emblematic spots of the city. Her most personal project, the Hotel Omm right on Passeig de Gràcia, has become world-famous for its design, architecture and gastronomic appeal.

The Omm was built in 2003 to stand out on its site, just a few steps away from Gaudí’s La Pedrera, whose undulating terrace can be seen from the hotel’s  impressive roof deck. The Hotel Omm was soon qualified by Travel+Leisure and Traveler as the world’s best designed hotel, acknowledging Rosa’s success in creating a place “with its own personality, one that isn’t a copy” in one of the planet’s most visited cities.

Rosa’s wish to create a distinctive atmosphere in each area of the hotel can be noted in the warmth of its open reception space, where one comes to Roca Moo, the acclaimed Michelin-starred restaurant overseen by the Roca Brothers, and Roca Bar, a more casual café with a signature culinary proposal and outstanding value for money, where many customers who aren’t guests of the hotel come for breakfast, lunch or dinner every day or just to work in a pleasant place in the city centre. With this offering, the Omm has won honours like Tattler Magazine’s Best Foodie Hotel rating.

This tireless quest for quality and uniqueness also marks the hotel’s Club Omm, an elegant space to have a drink or to hear some good live music, which draws people from all over town; and the Spaciomm, the Omm’s luxurious spa, gymnasium and massage and beauty area designed by Rosa’s daughter, the award-winning interiorist Sandra Tarruella. In a word, the Hotel Omm reflects Rosa Esteva’s constant endeavour to be the perfect host and to turn her establishments into meeting points where people quite simply feel good... two things she has clearly achieved!