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Barcelona: galactic gastronomy

December 2017 | Тенденции | Гастрономия | Barcelona

These are happy times for haute cuisine in Barcelona. The Michelin Guide now lists a three-star restaurant in the city, Lasarte, a project headed by the Basque chef Berasategui.
  • Jordi Cruz. ABaC Restaurant | © Marco Pastori
  • Celeri restaurant | © CÉLERI
  • Ferran y Albert Adrià | © Xavier Bertral
  • ABaC Restaurant | © Marco Pastori

 Of the 223 Michelin stars awarded to Spain in the latest edition of the Michelin Guide, a large number have gone to Barcelona. Specifically, the city has 23 Michelin-starred establishments, making it the Spanish gastronomy capital and a world culinary reference. Standing out in this edition is the newly three-starred Lasarte, directed by Martín Berasategui with Paolo Casagrande as its chef. This is the first restaurant in the city itself to win three ‘macarons’ in the prestigious French guide and a Basque chef has been responsible for bring this high honour to Catalonia. This is a symbolic fact that highlights two flourishing gastronomies –Catalan and Basque– which are claiming their place in the world.

Lasarte thus joins the Olympus of the Barcelona three-star establishments together with Sant Pau in Sant Pol de Mar, led by chef Carme Ruscalleda, whose brilliant creativity transforms the traditional cuisine of the area. In her establishment, a classic mansion overlooking the sea, the Catalan chef displays her culinary art in such dishes as ‘Catalan Abstract’, combining cakebread, onion, strawberries and Piquillo peppers with aubergine caviar.

A number of luxury hotels have become the home of Catalonia’s haute cuisine, as is shown in particular by the city’s two-star establishments. This is the case of AbaC, led by Jordi Cruz, who is the second-youngest chef worldwide to have won a coveted ‘macaron’ and who continues to create a precise and splendorous cuisine. Carme Ruscalleda and her son Raül Balam join forces at Moments, a restaurant located in the hotel Mandarin Oriental. And in the Hotel Arts lies Enoteca, with its cellar of over seven hundred different references and an authentic veneration for market-fresh fish.

Standing out among the one-star restaurants is Céleri, acclaimed for its unique mastery of vegetables; Angle, Jordi Cruz’s other culinary venture; and Alkimia, headed by Jordi Vilà and Sonia Profitós. Caelis, Cinc Sentits, Dos Cielos, Gaig, Nectari and Fonda Sala, other Michelin-starred establishments, are just a sample of what’s cooking in Catalan haute cuisine.

El Barri a passion for cuisine
The project El Barri arose from Albert Adrià’s creativity, combining his gastronomic and business-focused vision of what a restaurant should be. He associated himself with his brother Ferran Adrià and the Iglesias brothers, giving shape to one of the most imaginative undertakings in recent times.


El Barri has taken the centre of Barcelona with a set of establishments featuring a variety of gastronomies that have also been acknowledged by Michelin. Tickets, Hoja Santa, Pakta, Niño Viejo, Enigma and Bodega 1900 offer a series of gastronomic experiences just a few steps away from each other, forming what may be called an haute cuisine theme park in this way.