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Bagués Masriera. 175th anniversary

April 2014 | Тенденции | Шоппинг | Barcelona

On its 175th anniversary, this firm still maintains the high quality and innovation that has won it an international reputation for excellence.
Bagués Masriera. 175th anniversary
Bagués Masriera. 175th anniversary

Th is firm, which was founded back in 1839, is now every bit as active and creative as ever. The heir to the concept of jewellery as a vehicle of artistic expression, Bagués-Masriera is constantly creating new pieces of haute joaillerie with their own meaning and aesthetic.

It is not easy to preserve a legacy like this or to adapt it to today’s tastes. It has been essential to link the past to the future to keep alive the flame lit in 1839 by Josep Masriera i Vidal, a superb craftsman who met the tastes of 19thcentury Barcelona with his romantic stickpins and pendants. It was his son Lluís Masriera, however, who won worldwide prestige as the initiator of the art jewel. Set within the Modernisme movement, he designed splendid pieces with dragonflies, fairies and flowers, and he also made innovations in enamelling technique, inventing the plique-à-jour, as
transparent as the finest stained glass.

The other key date in the fi rm’s history is 1985, when the Bagués family (prestigious Barcelona jewellers since 1917) took charge of all the Masriera artistic holdings, merging the two firms into a single project. Now, on this special date of 2014, the city of Barcelona becomes the focus of its very special enamelled gaze.