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Dragons, a symbol in Barcelona

April 2013 | Места | Barcelona

Dragons (“dracs” in Catalan) reached Barcelona in the Middle Ages but in the Modernist period they appeared by the hundreds, climbing up the buildings.

Winged, threatening, with gaping jaws and fierce claws, or friendly and colourful... dragons are at  home in Barcelona and half a thousand may be seen here on façades, balconies and grilles. One of the best known is Gaudí’s mosaic-covered dragon at Park Güell, which is now a symbol of the city.

The reason for so many dragons is the legend of St. George (Sant Jordi), the patron of Barcelona, who is said to have slain a dragon to save a princess. From the dragon’s blood sprang a rosebush and that is why roses are given to sweethearts on April 23rd, but that is another story...—