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Costa Brava & Pirineo de Girona: a sensory experience

July 2015 | Места | Barcelona

Any time of the year is good for enjoying the wellness opportunities of the Costa Brava and the Girona Pyrenees.
Costa Brava & Pirineo de Girona: a sensory experience
Costa Brava & Pirineo de Girona: a sensory experience

The ancient Romans, who were fond of thermae, baths and places for relaxing and who were masters of massage and body care, coined the phrase mens sana in corpore sano, a sound mind in a sound body.

The Costa Brava and the Girona Pyrenees are perfect places to enjoy recreation, hot springs, spas, wellness and relaxation, with many excellent establishments specialized in these fields.

These places are sanctuaries of health and well-being where one can take refuge from everyday stress in inviting facilities staffed by friendly qualified experts.

What’s more, the beautiful setting of these establishments adds to the benefits of their treatments and care. Without going any further, the clear blue of the sea, the emerald green of the forests in spring and their golden ochres in the fall are an ideal chromotherapy!

Gerunda Fuga
Twelve establishments of the Health and Beauty Club of the Girona Provincial Council’s Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board have joined their expertise to offer an exclusive relaxation and emotional discharge treatment based on the special qualities of the Costa Brava-Girona Pyrenees area, to which it is linked. Called Gerunda Fuga, “Girona Getaway”, this treatment makes use of elements specific to this area, like hot-spring and sea water, Mediterranean pine, jasmine and olive oil. Signature massages are applied to specially produced background music. The Gerunda Fuga treatment has proven effectiveness in relieving everyday cares, putting the client into a uniquely pleasant state of peaceful sensation. The treatment is applied to three parts of the body, corresponding to the territory’s three natural zones: the Girona Pyrenees, the inland area and the Costa Brava.
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