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Catalunya. Gastronomy and Wine Tourism year 2016

May 2016 | Места | Barcelona

The home of “pa amb tomàquet”, “escalivada”, “cava”, fish “suquet”, “calçots” and “llonganissa” has been named the European Region of Gastronomy 2016.
  • Catalunya. Gastronomy and Wine Tourism year 2016
  • Catalunya. Gastronomy and Wine Tourism year 2016

“Cooking is the landscape in a saucepan”, wrote Josep Pla, one of the greatest Catalan authors. Catalonia has carried this idea even further: it has made the saucepan a part of its landscape and now it is impossible to visit this land without halting to enjoy its world-famous cuisine. Indeed, its restaurants’ 60 Michelin stars are proof of this fact and the best imaginable way to celebrate it is the programme of Gastronomy and Wine Tourism Year 2016, comprising dozens of activities addressed to spreading the knowledge of Catalonia’s cuisine and its local products.

The Getaway market, with its endless assortment of wine and olive oil tourism and gastronomy proposals in Catalonia; the “Welcome to the Farm” initiatives, featuring open-doors weekends on agricultural and livestock farms in the region; or the “Still and Sparkling Wines Show”, where the best Catalan still wines and “cava” sparkling wines can be tasted, are just a few of the possibilities worth noting down on your travel plan. “We are land, we are sea, we are gastronomy”. Catalonia is a true pleasure for the senses!

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