Urban Barcelona
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Alfred Eisenstaedt (1898-1995), who took the famous photograph “The Kiss” at Times Square in 1945, said “the important thing is not the camera but the eye”.

The great photographer was quite right about that. What difference does the camera make if the photographer who’s holding it isn’t able to see beyond what stands before him and to capture what he sees in a special way? Barcelona rates as one of the world’s most photographed cities and it’s easy to see that lots of people take pictures of it every day. Nicanor García, however, has his own thoroughly original way of looking at the city and his uniquely interesting focus allows us to discover a Barcelona laden with hidden charm and fascination.

Photos: © Nicanor García

Nicanor García
Nicanor García is an architect and photographer. He has designed buildings like the Inbisa Tower in Barcelona and Els Ports de Morella Secondary School in Castellón, and he is a professor of Architectural Projects at Barcelona’s ETSA school. This gives him a special way of visualizing architectural photographs, with a sharp eye for geometry. He is also specialized in urban and travel photography. On Instagram he has over 740,000 followers, making his account one of the foremost in the urban and architectural fields.