Úbeda, mirror of the Renaissance
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The Renaissance was characterized by its return to the principles of Classical Antiquity, involving a pursuit of harmony and elegance that contrasted greatly with the Romanesque and Gothic ideals. It is a very pleasant surprise, indeed, to come upon a town like Úbeda that appears to live on in the 16th century. This city in Jaén Province is one of Europe’s most beautiful Renaissance sites, comparable in every way to the best to be seen in Italy. It features a long list of splendid monuments, including noble palaces, Vázquez de Molina square, the Holy Chapel of the Saviour, the Dean Ortega Palace, the Church of Saint Mary of the Royal Alcazars, and the Palace of the Chains, as well as fountains, streets and convents. With its picturesque elegance, it reflects the prosperous 15th and 16th centuries. To visit Úbeda is to gaze into a living mirror of the Renaissance.

Úbeda (Jaén, Andalucía)
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