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The Picasso Museum - Eugenio Arias Collection is located in the town of Buitrago del Lozoya, 74 km from Madrid, which is a Historic-Artistic Site of Cultural Interest with a walled precinct listed as a National Monument. On display are works and objects that Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) gave and dedicated to Eugenio Arias (1909-2008), his barber and confidant for 26 years. Arias brought these treasures back with him from France after a long exile. There are works of very different types: drawings, prints, ceramics, a pyrogravure and a plaque of iron slag, as well as dedicated posters and books. This collection invites you to discover a different, intimate Picasso – a family man, bullfight enthusiast and exiled idealist, and a genius, a legend and a modern classic.

Plaza de Picasso 1
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Tue-Fri, 11am.-1.45pm./4pm.-6pm. Sat, 10am.-2pm./4pm.-7pm. Sun & Holiday, 10am.-2pm.

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