Museu Bagués-Masriera
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Over 100 pieces, including jewels, objects, pictures and books of original designs, form the display of the work of Masriera, a key firm for an understanding of Modernista jewellery and Art Nouveau. The Masriera craftsmen stood out for their technique and creativity in different fields: from enamel to drawing, literature and scenography. Their jewels are characterized by the use of Modernisme’s symbolist icons: dragonflies, flowers, nymphs, butterflies and other insects, and by the colour and refinement of their plique-à-jour enamels applied by a unique “windowing” process. The collection spans the period between 1900 and 1925, including jewels that have been shown at the world’s foremost museums, like New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum.

La Rambla 105. Hotel Bagués
93 343 50 00

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