Scenes of the night
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The magnetism of star DJs grows at every party with spectacular decoration and choreography.

Decoration, costumes, make-up, audiovisuals, special effects, choreography… A different party every night in each of the seven big discotheques on the island —Pachá, Amnesia, Privilege, Space, Ushuaïa, Es Paradís and Edén—, with the world’s top 10 DJs as the main attraction, calls for a setting on a par with the circumstances and a team of specialists in the performing arts. 

Because the discotheque show is renewed every season and attracts thousands of young people from all over the world. Engraved on the retina of party veterans are the sumptuous carnival floats organised by the famous PR of KU Brasilio de Oliveira in the port of Ibiza or the descent of Dita von Teese —the American model and star, the sensual queen of the burlesque— submerged in a giant glass of Martini decorated with thousands Swarovski crystals in an Amnesia party. 

Those first scenographies also took place in an atmosphere of light, sound and projections that has gradually evolved until reaching the current video-electronic staging, which is more innovative with every year, where the select team of dancers and go-go performers have the leading role in an increasingly circus-like spectacle. 

From late May to mid-October, the options are extremely diverse. One classic is the atmosphere and hippy atrezzo of the imitation Flower Power party (Pachá). The dance corps of the Lío cabaret (Marina Ibiza) deserves a special mention, with landing of go-go dancers in the port included. 

One novelty of the Ibizan night comes from Heart, the show that combines gastronomy and theatre, actors and acrobats interacting with diners. This creative project, designed by the founder of the Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberté, and the chefs and brothers Ferran and Albert Adrià, contemplates the night as “a magical space for the delight of all the senses”.

The show begins in Bermuda shorts
Ibiza’s festive atmosphere in high season begins in the afternoon in a chillout atmosphere, before sunset, in glamourous beach clubs where the vegetation is integrated into the Mediterranean or Oriental furniture. In the new open-air discotheques, like Ushuaïa, the décor is renewed and the choreography is rehearsed on a daily basis. The difference with the night lies above all in the attire. The latest reinvention of the Ibizan march is enjoyed in flip-flops, Bermuda shorts and a T-shirt.

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