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You don’t need to know the country’s language to grasp its art... the works we suggest here are based on the universal languages of music and dance.

In Barcelona there are two principal theatrical institutions: the National Theatre of Catalonia (TNC) and the Teatre Lliure

The TNC is the theatre for all, with classic and contemporary productions. Year after year it presents such works as  ‘Modernista Women Composers’, which will be performed in April by the Symphony Orchestra of the Higher School of Music of Catalonia. The aim is to recover works of Catalan women composers who, despite having written an important page in the history of Catalan music, never obtained the recognition they deserve. With ‘Enter Achilles’ the TNC will be confronting, in July of 2020, the concept of masculinity as interpreted by the Rambert dance company through the entertaining, provocative and disturbing actions of eight men who spend an afternoon in an English pub.

For its part, the Teatre Lliure offers representative productions of contemporary performing arts with works like ‘Falaise’. In the months of September and October of this year, it will be presenting a very poetic performance involving a mixture of circus, theatre and music, with the essential participation of animals. On the same dates, in the community theatre production of ‘Casting Giulietta’, a group of women over 80 years old will speak of love and loneliness in the light of their experience and memories. In the month of November, nine young women from Chile will be on stage in ‘Paisajes para no colorear’ (Landscapes not for colouring), giving their vision of the world and the violence that they face. It’s a show with lots of music, choreography, Internet, live videos and humour.