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Marí Mayans. The aroma and flavour of Ibiza

December 2017 | Trends | Gastronomy | Ibiza

For more than 130 years the Marí Mayans family has been dedicated to producing top-quality liqueurs, like their famous Ibizan herb liqueur, with its secret formula.
  • Marí Mayans. The aroma and flavour of Ibiza
  • Marí Mayans. The aroma and flavour of Ibiza
  • Marí Mayans. The aroma and flavour of Ibiza

Marí Mayans liqueurs are the fruit of research and knowledge passed down from generation to generation, always using the artisanal techniques of the olden days, which give their liqueurs the unequivocal seal of tradition and quality and all of the flavour of the Ibizan countryside. 

The production methods of the liqueurs are different – distillation, boiling, infusion or maceration – with each of the plants treated separately. The beverages obtained are the optimal conjunction of aromatic plant species distilled drop by drop in a copper still, providing all of the care, selection and attention called for by each plant that is used. The whole process, from gathering and selection of the plants and the fruits until bottling, takes place in the distillery located in the Montecristo industrial estate (Ibiza).

Marí Mayans produces numerous beverages, including outstanding specialities like the Ibizan herb liqueur (with or without sprigs), frígola, palo and absinthe. The original recipe for Ibizan herb liqueur is undergoing a period of huge international recognition, and is gaining a presence every day in prestigious clubs, discotheques and restaurants in countries like the United States, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium or the United Kingdom. The herb liqueur has become a popular nighttime drink to be enjoyed in a frozen shot glass or a short glass, as a mixed drink or on the rocks.

The formula of the herb liqueur is secret, and is patented by Marí Mayans, which does not manufacture for other brands. The company continues to carry out research to improve its products and create new quality formulae with an excellent aroma and flavour.

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