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La Gaia: Japeruvian cuisine

October 2016 | Trends | Gastronomy | Ibiza

This season La Gaia plumps for fusion cuisine with a new gastronomy concept that combines flavours from Japan and Peru with signature touches: Japeruvian Cuisine.
  • Ceviche caliente ©La Gaia
  • La Gaia. Ibiza Gran Hotel
  • Postre Panal de miel. ©La Gaia

La Gaia — the restaurant of the Ibiza Gran Hotel— presents a range of catering that, in the words of its executive chef Óscar Molina, “builds on Nikkei cuisine –which combines flavours and ingredients typical of Peru and Japan — adding creative touches inspired by the latest gastronomy trends”.

The á la carte dishes are conceived for snacking and sharing in a pleasant, informal atmosphere. The kitchen team has cooks specialising in Peruvian and Japanese techniques who are well-versed in the properties of the best ingredients. And the desserts, too, give off clear Nikkei influence, designed on the basis of fruits and ingredients typical of both Japan and Peru. The same can be said of the selection of cocktails, which includes liqueurs and typical mixtures from those countries, like Pisco or Sake. All of which results in a menu with a strong personality, full of creative nods inspired by the most avant-garde gastronomy tendencies, which surprises the most demanding of palates.

The transformation of La Gaia also affects its space, which has been totally renovated. One of the most relevant changes was the installation of a second bar, where the sushi men prepare their creations in front of diners, rather like a food show. A unique atmosphere where one can experience the true glamour of Ibiza.

Life, by Katrin Kirk
The La Gaia space also has a new artwork: Life, designed by the Danish artist Katrin Kirk, who has lived in Mallorca since 2006. It is an imposing three-dimensional sculpture representing a group of jellyfish that transcend the border of the frame, in which Kirk plays with the contrasts of light, shadow, texture and form, attaining an impressive sensation of movement and reality. The artistic experience is completed with projections, music and a photography exhibition on the hippy essence of Ibiza in the 1970s.