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Ibiza on your skin

December 2018 | Trends | Shopping | Ibiza

Hierbas de Ibiza is a favourite unisex fragrance among celebrities worldwide, evoking the freshly harmonious scent of nature on the island.
  • Ibiza on your skin
  • Ibiza on your skin
  • Ibiza on your skin
  • Ibiza on your skin

The origin of this product dates back to 1965, when the Torres jewellers created Torres eau de toilette and aftershave. Decades later, a new generation decided to follow suit, developing the subtle formulation to create the distinctive Hierbas de Ibiza eau de cologne. 

Its inimitable fragrance reveals the rich nuances of the essential oils that are artisanally distilled by the Torres family from plants and fruit grown on the island itself. These include thyme, sage and rosemary as well as citrus – primarily the rind. These wild and cultivated ingredients have been exposed to no chemical treatment whatsoever. Other essences of diverse origin are added, while the most characteristic notes come from the local environment alone. The bottom line is a captivating eau de cologne with a shimmering personality containing a remarkably high proportion of natural essential oils.

These essences are produced by an artisanal distillation process based on steam dragging in alembic stills: the plants are immersed in boiling water, the steam becomes impregnated with aromas, it passes through filters where it cools and then it drops in liquid form into a decantation funnel. This provides two substances: an herbal distillate and the essential oil of the plant, concentrating the scent’s full intensity. In one day’s production only a limited amount of essence is obtained but it is of exceptional quality, favoured by the island’s rich red soil, scant rainfall and moist climate. 

This craft process is what gives Hierbas de Ibiza Perfumes their identity and authenticity... and what lets you feel Ibiza on your skin.

A cult brand
Hierbas de Ibiza Perfumes takes great pains with its presentation: its bottles of 100 and 200 ml are stylish pieces produced by special moulds for glass. The product line includes bath salts made from salt from Ses Salines, bath gel, moisturizing body lotion with almond oil, soap bars with Aloe vera, and perfumed candles. This fresh fragrance for the whole family is to be found in exclusive shops and concept stores in New York, Tokyo, Sydney, Paris, Lisbon and Berlin as well as in luxury hotels worldwide, where guests enjoy the brand’s prestigious welcome products.