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‘Hippy-chic’ inspiration

November 2016 | Trends | Fashion | Ibiza

In Ibiza the relaxed look reigns, freedom of dressing, a mixture of styles with Bohemian reminiscences
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On the island of artists, there is no star designer or single fashion tendency. Talent is disseminated. The originality of the clothes you can see in Ibiza by day and night consists precisely in that fortunate emergence of near-anonymous creators, in that combination of designs where tolerance and freedom of dressing take precedence, the inheritance of the hippies and the intense history of Adlib fashion.

In contrast to the restrictive tendencies that mark some magazines, Ibiza’s fashion responds to a Bohemian inspiration, with chic, ethnic and rural touches. As Virginia Nieto, of Emonk explains, “every season we reinvent ourselves, but we always maintain that tempting look, a mixture of styles, something very personal with a touch of sophistication and an essential hippy-chic air”, something that is also reflected in the accessories, from hair extensions to boots.

Fashion design in Ibiza is colourful, eclectic, with tribal reminiscences that denote nomadic life, by those creators who travel the world in search of inspiration. These are the clothes that are worn by celebrities one day and which become a tendency, as the creators of World Family, one of the more distinguishable bag brands, well know. Beatrice San Francisco, Linda Ibiza, Pelush, Ashalak or Angels Ibiza are other references of this boho-chic style which has its maximum exponent in the Las Dalias street market.

The beach clubs, the bustling streets of the La Marina neighbourhood – where the most original boutiques are concentrated – and the island’s countless nightlife establishments make up the setting for a fashion parade that expresses a style more than a brand, a concept more than a tendency, a way of being rather than a lifestyle.

“World Family Ibiza”, exclusive, highly-prized bags
We are one big family sharing a colourful planet we have to respect. This is the philosophy of Alok, a former estate agent from Barcelona, and Merel, an ex-model from Amsterdam, who met in Ibiza 20 years ago and decided to change their life. They moved into a tepee with their children and decided to travel around the world searching for ideas to create exclusive pieces. Their bags, boots and belts are now held in high esteem. The success of their brand lies in their handmade designs made with fabrics, embroidery or jewellery they discover on their travels in Asia, Latin America or Africa.