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Delights of the land and the sea

May 2018 | Trends | Gastronomy | Ibiza

Rock fish, rice dishes, oil, wines, flaó and Ibizan herb liqueur are some of the most highly-prized local products.
  • Lobster. Ushuaia Beach Hotel | © Roberto Castaño
  • Vineyard | © Vicent Marí
  • Terrace | © Book Style

Ibiza has a very broad range of gastronomy that includes all kinds of options, as well as different luxurious restaurants. However, the demand for products from this region and this coastline is growing, products that are now seen as the real luxury. We are talking about rock fish, seafood rice dishes or local wines, with the Geographical Indication seal, also very appropriate for accompanying winter dishes like lamb, ‘sofrit payés’ or the traditional sobrasada. The oil produced artisanally in some presses around the island is another delight one has to try.

But if one had to choose a single star dish from Ibiza’s gastronomy, it would be ‘bullit de peix’. First you eat the fish (grouper, ‘rotja’, angler fish or John Dory captured in the waters of Ibiza), boiled with potatoes, and afterwards the dry rice, prepared using the fish broth and some pieces of cuttlefish. In some cases a rice with broth is served first and the ‘bullit’ afterwards, with ‘all i oli’ (garlic and oil sauce).

The sea of Ibiza also offers delicacies such as lobster, captured artisanally by small boats from the island, and ‘raor’, pearly razorfish, held in high esteem and with a restriction on fishing that is lifted in September.

And a traditional local meal must include a piece of ‘flaó’, Ibiza’s traditional dessert, which contains fresh goat`s and sheep’s cheese and mint. Finally, bear in mind that one essential thing from this region is the famous Ibizan herb liqueur, an anisette-based beverage made with aromatic plants. A ‘caleta’ coffee (with rum, brandy and cinnamon) can also be a great way to top it all off. Bon profit!