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September 2019 | Trends | Ibiza

What enigma lies in writers’ minds? In their work, all authors express their own way of looking at the world and at themselves, turning it into a drama, a comedy or a metaphor of human life.
  • Álvaro Colomer | © Marta Calvo
  • Alberto Manguel | © Marta Calvo
  • Carlos Zanón | © Marta Calvo
  • Claudia Piñeiro | © Marta Calvo
  • Cristina Fallarás Sánchez | © Marta Calvo
  • Cristina Fernández Cubas | © Marta Calvo
  • Eduardo Mendoza Garriga | © Marta Calvo
  • Maj Sjöwall | © Marta Calvo
  • Michel Houellebecq | © Marta Calvo
  • Tatiana de Rosnay | © Marta Calvo

They work in an intimate space, often surrounded by hundreds of books that inspire them to engender stories and to make them grow and die, stories that, once published, no longer belong to them. Their works are owned by their readers – inflexible judges deciding whether or not the author may be deemed significant. All writers are unique because all of us are original unrepeatable works. Their gestures, postures and gazes allow us to intuit the personality and even the soul of the person behind the words that feed our imagination and that invite us to explore, from an armchair, surprising inner geographies.


Álvaro Colomer. (Barcelona, 1973) Writer and journalist. In 2017 he published the novel Aunque caminen por el valle de la muerte, which reconstructs the Battle of Najaf in the invasion of Iraq.

Alberto Manguel.
(Buenos Aires, 1948) Writer, translator, editor and author of books including ‘The Traveler’, ‘the Tower’, and ‘the Worm’ (2014) and ‘Curiosity’ (2015). Formentor Literature Prize 2017.

Carlos Zanón.
(Barcelona, 1966) Poet, novelist, script and article writer, literary critic, and author of several crime novels such as Carvalho: ‘problemas de identidad’ (2019). Hammet Prize 2015.

Claudia Piñeiro.
(Birzaco, Argentina, 1960). Writer, playwright, TV script writer, and story teller, author of ‘Quién no, short stories’ (2018). Pepe Carvalho Crime Novel Prize 2018.

Cristina Fallarás Sánchez.
(Zaragoza, 1968) Writer, journalist and women’s rights activist. Hammett Prize 2012 for ‘Las niñas perdidas’. Her latest novel is Honrarás a tu padre y a tu madre (2018).

Cristina Fernández Cubas.
(Arenys de Mar, Barcelona, 1945) Writer and journalist. National Narrative Prize 2016 for ‘La habitación de Nona’.

Eduardo Mendoza Garriga.
(Barcelona, 1943). Author of ‘El secreto de la modelo extraviad’a (2015) and ‘El rey recibe’ (2018). Franz Kafka Prize 2015 and Cervantes Prize 2016. 

Maj Sjöwall.
(Stockholm, Sweden, 1935). Writer and translator who, together with her partner, Per Wahlöö, wrote the Martin Beck detective series, greatly influencing subsequent Swedish crime fiction.

Michel Houellebecq.
(Saint-Pierre, Réunion, 1956). French poet, novelist and essayist, author of such novels as ‘Submission’ (2015) and ‘Serotonina’ (2019).

Tatiana de Rosnay.
(Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, 1961). Journalist, writer and script writer of English, French and Russian descent. Author of ‘The House I Loved’ (2011) and ‘Tinta rusa’ (2014). 

Marta Calvo
As a photographer Marta Calvo specializes in portraits of outstanding figures in Spanish and international culture, working for literary publishers and for publications such as La Vanguardia, Culturas de la Vanguardia, PORT Magazine, and Ethic, among others. She combined her photography work with the art direction of the magazine Primera Línea for nine years, until it closed. Marta has also taken part in a number of group shows and individual exhibitions, notably including her “Máscaras” (Masks) project at Barcelona’s H2O gallery. The photographs in this report belong to the Literary Faces series.