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‘Bullit de Peix’

April 2017 | Trends | Gastronomy | Ibiza

This local culinary delight is made using rockfish captured in waters off the island.
  • ©Vicent Mari

It is the star dish of Ibizan gastronomy. Nowadays it is seen as a delicacy, but its humble origin lies in the cuisine of the old fishermen, who used to prepare the stew on board ship using the assorted small fish and rockfish that never made it to the market. Traditionally, you eat the fish first, which is boiled with potatoes, and afterwards the dry rice, which is prepared using the fish stock and some pieces of cuttlefish. However, there are various versions of this dish, and in some cases a brothy rice is served first followed by the ‘bullit’ with ‘all i oli’ (garlic and oil) sauce. What never varies is the tasty grouper, the ‘rotja’ (red scorpion fish) the angler fish or the John Dory caught in Ibizan waters.

Flavours of Ibiza
More than 40 of the island’s restaurants have the “Sabors d’Eivissa” emblem because they use local produce and serve up traditional Ibizan recipes, although some chefs also plump for avant-garde interpretations. The Tourism Promotion Foundation of the Council of Ibiza (Consell d’Eivissa) sponsors some gastronomy symposia in spring and autumn in the collaborating restaurants, where for reasonable prices one can try typical fish dishes like “bullit de peix” or “borrida de ratjada”, and meat-based dishes such as “arroz de Matanzas” or “sofrit pagès”.