Sustainable Ibiza
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Ibiza is set to become a leader in sustainability and responsibility thanks to the Sustainable Ibiza platform promoting the United Nations’ goals for 2030.

Sustainable Ibiza brings together individuals, enterprises and institutions to position the island as a leader in sustainability and responsibility. To do this, it is focusing on accessibility and on promotion of the local culture, art, tradition and products, supporting environmental programmes, entrepreneurship projects, and social and scientific initiatives.

The calendar of events programmed for 2019 includes, for example, Ibiza Plogging, which combines physical activity with waste collection. This is a pioneering initiative in which 1,500 people have already taken part through bicycle races, hiking and walks, with the backing of over 30 entities and sports clubs.

The collected wastes are turned into art by members of Recicl-ARTE, which has produced the colossal work Cyanea and Nomura. It is formed by two sculptures created from trash which depict jellyfish —animals that are growing more numerous in our seas and oceans due to the decrease in predators and to the warming and pollution of the water. Together with sculptures of an Ibizan warren hound and of a blossoming almond tree, this work of art may seen in various places in Ibiza until October of 2019.

Throughout the year, Bes Travel holds activities that highlight the local heritage, essence and history, while Hospitality Inspiration Council promotes campaigns like “Travel-Enjoy-Respect”, which hands out eco-ashtrays, eco-bags, eco-bottles and do’s and dont’s for responsible travellers. 

All these initiatives seek to position Ibiza in the forefront of sustainability and responsibility, working to foster the fair economy, sustainable development, and respect for people and nature.