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Gestures to save the planet

September 2019 | Trends | Barcelona

This travelling exhibition makes an urgent call to save our planet through dramatic images taken by the world’s best photographers.
  • You are the solution |  © SantiPhotoSS/Shutterstock
  • Leave no trace | © Javier Sánchez Martínez
  • Turn down the volume | © Dibrova/Shutterstock
  • Care for our fish | © SantiPhotoSS/Shutterstock
  • Our vast cultural diversity | © David Tipling/ Press

Sixty-five large-format photographs form this exhibition sponsored by the AXA Foundation, produced by the Lunwerg publishing house and curated by the naturalist Joaquín Araújo. These gripping images taken by prestigious photographers call our attention to our planet’s fragility and invite us to make small gestures that can bring about big changes: saving energy and water, rejecting single-use packaging, consuming ecological products, recycling, walking, pedalling... This is a call for reflection, for commitment, for becoming part of the solution. The Earth is a fragile and irreplaceable home that, for the first time in over 3 billion years, depends on one species alone: humanity. As Araújo puts it: let’s save what saves us.

Artisanal fishing does not threaten the populations of captured species, while the big fisheries are overexploited. We can choose fish that are obtained in a sustainable way.

Nothing is as necessary for life as water. All living things share a kinship because water has made it that way. Water forms the basis of all that grows and thrives. It should not be privatized or abused. We should use as little of it as possible and clean it after its use.