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Delicatessen shops

May 2018 | Trends | Gastronomy | Barcelona

Barcelona is known as an open city, where its own local offering of the most diverse products coexists with all types of products and influences from far and wide, something which is clearly reflected in its gourmet shops.
  • Delicatessen shops

Indeed, the city’s spirit as a commercial metropolis open to the world is patent in the sometimes antique signs of food shops from the turn of the 20th century. They designate the shops by such quaint names as “Coloniales” (“Colonial products”) or “Ultramarinos” (“Overseas products”), revealing their traditionally wide-ranging or even exotic business. Others are called “Colmados”, a word akin to “accumulation”, recalling the abundance of products at the time of their founding, even then of bustling commerce. Another Catalan shop designation that has been recovered is “Queviures” (“Victuals”). If you see any of these signs, place your trust in them: just enter the shop and ask for the proprietor’s advice if you would like help on making your purchases.