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Bite-sized pleasures

August 2017 | Trends | Gastronomy | Barcelona

Not everything is big plates and new creations. Culinary grandeur is also to be found in the traditional little titbits called ‘tapas’.
Bite-sized pleasures
Bite-sized pleasures

No one should ever visit Spain without enjoying its delectable ‘tapa’ appetizers on at least one occasion. And while Barcelona may not be the town where ‘tapas’ are most traditional, it has become an established custom here for friends to meet, have something to drink and eat a series of tasty little ‘tapas’ for dinner, in one place or in several different spots, each boasting theirown popular specialities.

When ‘tapas’ are made from quality products, every bite becomes a pleasure. And nobody can resist the taste, colour and texture of the most popular and international ‘tapa’ of them all: potato omelette. Accompanied by toasted bread rubbed with fresh tomato, as is typical in Catalonia, the taste of this ‘tapa’ is magnified to the maximum. ‘Tapas” from all over Spain await you at the city’s countless ‘tapa’ bars.

‘Tapas’ form an endless range of foods and recipes which, once you’ve tried them, you’ll never come to forget.