B| STYLE SHOP as the online shop of the BOOK STYLE publications and of the B|STYLE digital platform, the B| Style Shop has been created to offer our readers and followers special product promotions and exclusive services.

The shop is opening with the B| Style Wine Shop section, which is featuring an exciting ‘Wines of Mallorca’ promotion conceived to facilitate the consumption of outstanding local products of guaranteed quality. To this end, we have engaged the cooperation of the prestigious food writer and publisher Miquel Àngel Adrover, who is in charge of making an exclusive selection of fine wines for BOOK STYLE followers and the readers of the various SERRA GROUP publications. 

While we have launched the B| Style Shop with the gastronomy section and specifically with a superb selection of Mallorcan wines, in the words of BOOK STYLE's publisher the idea behind this initiative is "to foster the creativity, quality and popularity of products that are directly related to the areas in our land where they are produced – products in which our unique soils and climate and the know-how of generations assure all the quality, flavour and aroma that characterize their places of origin”.

Sensory experiences, knowledge and passion – these are the three facets through which we will be revealing, promotion by promotion, the bouquet of the wines with Designations of Origin and the highest standards of quality of Mallorca. These are exclusive wines that our customers can savour in the comfort of their own homes, thanks to our home delivery service for purchases made by WhatsApp on telephone number 645 852 817.

General terms of use and enjoyment of the service

  • We will be offering interested customers, on a periodical basis, Promotional Packs developed through the cooperation of our expert oenologists with respected Mallorcan wineries producing wines of the very highest quality.
  • We have a 48/72-hour home delivery service for orders from the island of Mallorca, with shipping to the islands of Ibiza and Menorca and to other points in Spain in a time of 5 days for a shipping surcharge of 5/9 € per Wine Pack and delivery.
  • We also offer a safe and easy payment system. After confirming their order by sending a WhatsApp message to telephone number 645 852 817, customers receive a message confirming their customer details, delivery address and chosen payment system: by Visa or Bizum, or by bank transfer.


Identification data of the Owner of the bookstyle.net website:
Address: Passeig de Mallorca, 9 A – Palau de la Premsa – 07011, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
An enterprise registered in the Register of Companies of Palma de Mallorca, Volume 2.653, Folio 66, Page PM Telephone: +34 971 788 300

  1. B| STYLE SHOP is an initiative launched for the purpose of offering, to BOOK STYLE customers, high-quality goods and services at competitive prices.
  2. In order to be B| STYLE SHOP customers, interested persons or legal entities should accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy upon making the effective purchase, and this acceptance will include the shop's General Business Terms in force at all times.
  3. B| STYLE WINE SHOP is a section on the online shop B| STYLE SHOP and it forms part of the cooperation agreement signed between the enterprises QUIXOT SL and 365 DE COMUNICACIONES SL, both of which companies are the Controllers of the Database of users who have made one or more purchases.
  4. QUIXOT SL is the company exclusively in charge of managing and operating the B| STYLE WINE SHOP associated with the www.bookstyle.net website.

1.1. General Terms for Members/Users:

  1. Únicamente podrá adquirir la condición de cliente la persona mayor de edad, con plena capacidad de obrar, que cumpla los requisitos de las presentes Condiciones de Uso y Política de Privacidad, que debe conocer y aceptar junto con las Condiciones Generales de Contratación. Las mencionadas condiciones tienen por finalidad regular la puesta a disposición de la información así como las relaciones comerciales que surjan entre el B| STYLE WINE SHOP y los clientes.
  2. La utilización de los servicios incluidos en B| STYLE WINE SHOP implica la lectura y aceptación sin reservas de las presentes condiciones.
  3. B| STYLE SHOP podrá en todo momento, modificar las presentes Condiciones de Uso y Política de Privacidad, así como las Condiciones Generales de Contratación y/o las Condiciones Particulares, entendiéndose por estas últimas las condiciones económicas de cada oferta en concreto que ofrezca B| STYLE WINE SHOP, mediante la publicación de dichas modificaciones en la web con el fin de que puedan ser conocidas por los clientes, siempre antes de la adquisición de cualquiera de los bienes ofertados.

1.2. Obligations of the Customer/User:

  1. In order to be customers of B| STYLE WINE SHOP, persons should have full legal capacity to act, be of legal age, not be subject to any restriction whatsoever on the purchase of alcoholic beverages, and know that the Law forbids the sale of alcoholic beverages to minors.
  2. Customers ensure that all the information provided by them is truthful and up-to-date, and that they have sufficient capacity to understand the implications of these Terms. For merely indicative but not limitative purposes, it should be noted that customers undertake the following:
    • Not to publish on their websites, blogs, social network profiles or tweets, or in any other media, comments or images that may offend or harm B| STYLE WINE SHOP or its image, or the image of its products, or that may incite offence or harm to be caused to third parties.
    • Not to introduce into, or to use on, their websites, blogs, social network profiles or tweets, or in any other media, the image of B| STYLE WINE SHOP with the aim to store or to spread computer viruses or spy programs, as well as materials for which they do not own the intellectual property rights.
    • Not to supplant the identity of third parties.

1.3. Responsibility of B| STYLE WINE SHOP:

B| STYLE WINE SHOP will answer only for the losses which customers/users may suffer when such losses are attributable to wilful misconduct on the part of B| STYLE SHOP. In order to place an order, customers should reside in Spanish peninsular territory or in the Balearic Islands. Shipments will not be made to the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla.

QUIXOT SL will be the sole party responsible for the transactions made by customers,  the term "transaction" being understood to mean purchases, management of orders and of collections, product returns and distribution, customer support service, and resolution of incidents, and 365 DE COMUNICACIONES SL will be exempt from  responsibility and liability of any kind.
For the effects of these Terms, and for any communication required between B| STYLE WINE SHOP and customers, the latter should address themselves to the Customer Support Service by sending a WhatsApp message, by calling on 645 852 817, or by sending an e-mail to the following electronic address: 

Customer Support Department

Communications of B| STYLE WINE SHOP to customers will be made according to the contact details provided by customers upon making their purchases. For all communications relating to the purchase of products or services, customers expressly accept the use of their mobile telephones and communication via WhatsApp as a valid and sufficient procedure for the conveyance of such communications.

1.4. Applicable law

The management of the operations carried out in connection with B| STYLE WINE SHOP will be governed by the Spanish laws in force in each case. For the resolution of conflicts, the parties submit themselves to the Courts and Tribunals of Palma de Mallorca.