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The museum of Puig dels
Molins proposes a journey
through space and time for
visitors, to discover the men-
tality of the first civilisations
that inhabited the island, with
different ways of conceiv-
ing death and diverse beliefs
about the afterlife. Most of the
objects seen here were found
inside the tombs of the Puig
dels Molins necropolis, the
cemetery of the town of Ibiza
throughout ancient times.
In the middle of the 7th century
BC, the Phoenicians who founded
the town of Ibiza chose the loca-
tion for the cemetery. Initially,
the necropolis occupied around
10,000 square metres, but in later
centuries its size grew to cover an
extension of up to five hectares. To-
day, the archaeological area of Puig
des Molins conserves almost all
of the Punic necropolis, the most
important in the Mediterranean,
declared a World Heritage site by
UNESCO in 1999.
Via Romana, 31. Ibiza.
971 301 772
Octubre/October – Marzo/March
M-S, 9.30-15 h. D, 10-14 h.
Abril/April – Septiembre/September
M-S, 10-14 h. y 18.30-21 h. D, 10-14 h.
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