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forma parte de un calendario que
y competiciones en la isla.
The Vuelta Cicloturista a Ibiza has
become an unmissable event for
all enthusiasts of this sporting mo-
dality. This successful competition
grows and grows every year, be-
cause it has some powerful guar-
anteed attractions like the good
climate, the trails along heavenly
beaches and leafy Mediterranean
forests, and great fun with friends
of the bicycle.
The fifteenth race will be
held on 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th
October 2017, thus extending the
duration of the trial and the routes
through spectacular natural set-
tings. The boom of this sport in
Ibiza is also attracting numerous
road cycling enthusiasts, of both
kinds –bicycle touring, and racing.
This sporting event is also
characterised by the camarade-
rie amongst the participants, the
so-called bicycle touring spirit, as
it is a contest for all levels that is
suitable for everyone.
In 2017, once again some of the
best racers in the world will take
part in the race, people who have
already sponsored and enjoyed
this tour, like the great Miguel
Indurain, Tomy Rominger, Claudio
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