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LasDalias, in Sant Carles, in thenorth
of the island, is Ibiza’s most famous
street market, which brings together
artisans, musicians, designers and
creative people from all over the
world in a relaxed, colourful andmul-
ticultural atmosphere that responds
to a whole way of life. Amongst the
more than 200 stalls set up in the
gardens, youcanfindclothes inspired
by the hippy movement, boho-chic
fashion, beautiful jewellery items,
original accessories and a host of
handmade gifts, produced with love
and care –the market maintains its
reputation for the quality of its prod-
ucts, the originality of its stalls and
the friendly service throughout.
Las Dalias embodies the creativ-
ity of the other Ibiza, the shopping
that has nothing to dowith souvenirs
or chain stores or the big brands.
Every item is exclusive and every
stall is unique, all surrounded by a
spectacle of sensations where there
is also room for Mediterranean and
international gastronomy, art and
naturally, live music.
The bustling atmosphere youwill
findon Saturdays becomesmore inti-
mateduring theNightMarkets,which
are held on Monday and Tuesday
nights from June to September. The
Namaste festival, which turns 20 this
year, is one of the most outstanding
and alternative ones in Las Dalias,
when incense, spirituality, dance
and fascinating music take over the
garden on Wednesday nights.
The street market came into be-
ing in 1985 with five stalls, but its
origin lies in a roadside bar estab-
lished in 1954, where hippies and
farmers met up in the ‘60s and ‘70s.
Las Dalias, which has just started
up an online shop, has won awards
from all of the institutions of the
Balearic Islands over recent years
for its contribution to Ibiza’s image
and its support of culture. Today, on
a summer Saturday it is visited by
thousands of tourists of all nation-
alities who identify with the more
natural, peaceful island.
— shop.lasdalias.es
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