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instituciones insulares y la colabo-
ración de numerosos voluntarios,
y pretende convertirse, según los
organizadores, en un referente in-
ternacional en su género. Una cita
imprescindible en octubre para los
amantes del arte y de las nuevas
tendencias visuales.
The island’s capital, which is thou-
sands of years old, will be the set-
ting for the second Ibiza Light Fes-
tival (13th and 14th October 2017),
an avant-garde spectacle in which
technology, art, drama, music and
above all inundate the walled for-
tress of Dalt Vila, the neighbourhood
of Marina and the little squares and
alleyways of the port.
was extremely successful in 2016, will
bring together more than 20 artists
from different countries, video artists
and lightingdesigners,whowill trans-
form 18 monumental zones, façades,
and nooks and crannies to recreate
themagic of light in some of themost
The open-air installations
amongst thepublicwill be the setting
for the intervention of over 80 danc-
ers, actors, musicians, video jockeys
and performers, comprising a spec-
tacular nighttime route under the
light of creativity in an urban space
that was declared a World Heritage
Site in 1999.
The first festival (2016) brought
together more than 20,000 specta-
tors on two nights, attracted by the
all the manifestations of perform-
ing arts and light. Onlookers of all
ages can interact in this multidis-
ciplinary event.
Inspired by other audiovisual
spectacles in European cities like
Lyon or London, the Ibiza Light Festi-
val enjoys the support of the island’s
institutions and the collaboration
of numerous volunteers, and ac-
cording to the organisers, aims to
become an international model in
its genre. An unmissable event in
October for lovers of art and the new
visual tendencies.
Ibiza Light Festival 2016.
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